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Long-Range Wireless Power Transfer for Industrial IoT

A lot more than 60% of the expenses associated with an industrial IoT (IIoT) established-up are approximated to be for cabling and set up. Wi-fi facts transfer is an apparent means for getting rid of some cabling, but even more could be prevented by also working with wi-fi technological know-how for electric power transfer. TransferFi […]

Wireless Charging Keeps Drones Flying

There are significant organizations with massive strategies to present expert services centered on drone fleets, and they are all eager to get further than a significant operating challenge: the flight time of business drones is constrained by constrained battery capability. A single way to tackle the concern is with far more effective and adaptable recharging […]

The Makings of a Seamless Wireless Experience

We love our world to be connected, and we love for things to just get done for us automatically. Since hitting the sweet spot of personal satisfaction with wireless infrared TV remote control, we have pushed for ever speedier transfers of increasing amounts of data. Consumers today want media streaming and high-bandwidth communication both at […]