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Nvidia Buying Arm Would be Reckless

Nvidia Corp. is reported to be in talks to invest in Arm Holdings Plc. If true, the shift would be past stupid. It would be reckless and would ignite a firestorm of destructive reactions from existing and opportunity Arm licenses and be, on a lengthy-phrase foundation, counter successful for Nvidia and its shareholders. Why Nvidia […]

Nvidia, Google Both Claim MLPerf Training Crown

The third round of MLPerf training benchmark scores for eight different AI models are out, with rivals Nvidia and Google both staking a claim to the crown. While both companies claimed victory, the results bear further scrutiny. Scores are based on systems, not individual accelerator chips. While Nvidia swept the board for commercially available systems […]

Nvidia Gifts U. of Florida with Academia’s Fastest Supercomputer

The College of Florida will shortly have the most highly effective supercomputer in academia, a machine that will be powered by Nvidia GPUs. The supercomputer, selected the HiPerGator 3., will be the centerpiece of UF’s newfound ambition to develop into a person of the major universities in the earth for synthetic intelligence (AI) research. All […]

Graphcore Takes on Nvidia with Second-Gen AI Accelerator

British startup Graphcore has unveiled its next-generation IPU (intelligence processing device), the Colossus Mark 2, an monumental 59.4 billion-transistor gadget made to speed up AI workloads in the data middle. The firm also released a 1U server blade for data centres which incorporates 4 of the Colossus Mark 2 chips and permits scalability to supercomputer […]

Mercedes-Benz Jilts BMW, Elopes with Nvidia

Mercedes-Benz elopes with Nvidia (Impression: Mercedes-Benz) Mercedes-Benz Tuesday declared a new partnership deal with Nvidia to create an in-automobile computing method architecture designed for computer software-upgradable ADAS automobiles that are scheduled for rollout in 2024. Mercedes-Benz will leverage Nvidia’s Orin pc SoC, which is based on the recently announced Nvidia Ampere supercomputing architecture. Nvidia will […]

Nvidia Reinvents GPU, Blows Previous Generation Out of the Water

Jensen Huang’s a lot-predicted keynote speech nowadays, postponed from Nvidia’s GPU Technological innovation Convention (GTC) in March, will unveil the company’s eighth-technology GPU architecture. Rising three yrs right after the debut of the earlier era Volta architecture, Ampere is mentioned to be the biggest generational leap in the company’s heritage. Ampere is constructed to accelerate […]