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CEA-Leti Demos D-band RF Architecture for 6G Roadmap

France-based engineering research institute CEA-Leti has demonstrated a 140GHz 100 Gbps transmission working with a uncomplicated combined sign RF architecture as it explores a engineering roadmap to tackle ‘beyond-5G’ apps and 6G in the D-band spectrum. D-band addresses frequencies from 110GHz to 170GHz. Wireless conversation in millimeter wave (mmWave) bands, which array from 20 GHz […]

IBM Power9: Digging Into the Architecture and Materials

IBM’s latest upgrade to its leading-edge commercial processors is the new Power9. These are the chips designed for use in the most advanced supercomputers, and for the most demanding data center workloads. IBM says its Power9 has up to 1.5x the performance of its Power8 predecessor, bolstered by the most advanced I/O subsystem technology the […]

Unveiled: BMW’s Scalable AV Architecture

BMW for the initially time has shared its Autonomous Motor vehicle roadmap — spanning Degree 1 to Level 3 and Amount4/5 — in a disclosure earlier this month at a net-based event identified as The Autonomous, organized by TTTech Auto. The roadmap exhibits a organization that is earning auto safety a priority. Supplied that most […]